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  1. Written by software experts in conjunction with Nursery Owners.
  2. The only genuinely end-to-end connected Childcare Software Suite.
  3. Works out the Funding, Vouchers Payments and takes in App Payments.
  4. Real-time Child Alerts, keeping everyone in the loop.
  1. Advanced booking configuration via Web Portal.
  2. Secure and Scalable across multi Childcare settings. Fully encrypted.
  3. Live Bookings, Staffing, Ratio, Registers, Vouchers Reconcile, Daily Diaries and EYFS.
  4. 3rd Party Integration to your accounting software, MailChimp and more.

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Our Introduction

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on working closely with you the nursery to get the software right for you, giving you robust solutions that automate, reduce debt, are paper-free and above all are easy to use. Allowing you to concentrate on running your Setting.




I think the app is excellent. Very easy to use, it's a good idea and will make bookings so much easier.


I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Lazy Slippers app. It has saved my managers in the region of four days admin a month, which most importantly makes sure that we have more time to do what we do best; plan on how to make our childcare even better with managers supporting and supervising our team. From a financial perspective, I have reduced my debt to zero as it is so easy to track, and I have quick and easy ways to produce and change registers, pricing, credit accounts and add sundries.


I just wanted to say that I found the booking app hugely helpful. It was quick and easy to use and payment was easy.


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Settings App by Lazy Slippers

Parent App

A Free to use app for parents to book their children in with you. It comes with a dashboard giving you all of the essentials to run your day-to-day smoother than ever.

Parent App by Lazy Slippers

Provider App

Sign-in, sign-out and record vital daily events for each child. Track each child's eating arrangements, sleeping patterns and store the information for later review.

Power BI Provider Insights by Lazy Slippers

Provider Insight

Fuel growth and improvement throughout your practice with intelligent insights, giving you real-time control of cashflow and the ability to predict trends in your nursery.


What will it cost? All prices + VAT

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Parent App FREE

Provider App £15 per month

Provider Insight £15 per month

Bundle Offer

Provider App


Provider Insight

£25 per month

Total Price would be £{{bookingCost}} + VAT

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Lazy Slippers cuts your costs and increases efficiency through a free, easy to use booking and payment app, which you manage through a secure web portal. Whether you are a nursery, childminder, after-school club or any other type of childcare provider, we can help you.

Simple set up

We set up Lazy Slippers for you, free. We develop and configure the system to meet your exact needs and show you how to use it.

Free download

You ask your customers to download the free Lazy Slippers app and provide them with login details.

Consistent booking

Each month, parents use the app to book in their child for the slots they want.

Flexible payments

The app asks them how much they are contributing through childcare vouchers. It also adjusts the fee for children who receive state-funded childcare.

Streamlined and secure cashflow

The app calculates total cost for the month and generates an invoice, which parents pay on the app via Stripe – an online card payment system (no card details are stored on Lazy Slippers).

Bookings updated in real time

All details of bookings and payment are immediately relayed to your secure Lazy Slippers web portal. This shows you exactly who is booked in and when, as well as all payment details.

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Lazy Slippers vastly reduces the time it takes you to organise payments and bookings. No more forms, filing, envelopes, cheques, PDF’s or emails. Everything is done through this system app

Remember, we charge you nothing to set up and configure Lazy Slippers

Instead, you pay £1 per booking, and we invoice you at the end of each month. So, if 30 of your parents use the app each month – you will pay £30 per month. A cost of 5p per day per child. There are no other charges – you only pay when bookings are made.

This cost far outweighed by the massive time and efficiently savings you make. On average, our clients report time spent on admin reducing from four days a month to just two hours.

Your customers will also be much happier, as they can book and pay with a few swipes on a smartphone.

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More reasons to choose Lazy Slippers

Daily Register

Lazy Slippers automatically produces a register of all children booked in for each day

Late payment Reminders

It's easy to chase late payments by sending a reminder to smartphones through the app

Guaranteed cash flow

Lazy Slippers uses Stripe, these payments guaranteed - no more underfunded bank transfers or bounced cheques - make your Nursery the Kind of Cash Flow

Free Technical support

We give you free technical support if there is ever a problem, just let us know and we'll fix it

  • Refer a Setting If you know a setting that could benefit from using Lazy Slippers, we will give you £50 in vouchers of your choice

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