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The Story of Kids Covered

Kids Covered is the brainchild of Paul Harding, an idea that was put into action due to the fact for my own children I had to use paper booking form. I was so surprised to see that not only was a parent being asked to put the days they require childcare for but also how much I the parent, was going to pay for the childcare. I asked myself, "what business as their customers what price they are going to pay them?" And who knows whether the pricing was every vaefied for every booking, a time-consuming activity.

Paper Booking Forms

On one particular night, my wife was filling out a paper booking form and asked me to scan it in, that was the last time I was doing that, my idea was to be developed and the Kids Covered Childcare Booking Apps was born.

Calculation Errors

The following morning, if by chance a friend of mine visited the same nursery we had just filled in the form for, a conversation was overheard, some tut's and head shakes... They were trying to verify a booking on this paper from, where noticing this, my friend simply said you need to speak to 'Paul Harding'.

Beginning Kids Covered

I then set about setting up a meeting with the nursery management at Manor farm Lechlade With a proposal to make a booking App to remove the paperwork and initially create registers with a secure app and web administration.

Defined Set of Features

We decided on a small set of features and Kids Covered was developed and released in July 2016. Kids Covered has been developed over the last 18 months to be a very slick, user-friendly and feature-rich system.

Kids Covered July 2016 - Present