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Our Software

Kids Covered suite of Apps, Web Administration and Connectors come together to form an advanced Nursery Software in it's purest form.

Whats more is we work with you if there is something that our Software does not do, get in touch and we will endeavour to work out a solution.

Mobile Apps and Web Admin all part of the Kids Covered Software Suite

Key Features of Administration

  1. Advanced Booking Configuration via Web Admin
  2. Add Sundries for instance for food, day trips etc
  3. Restrict Sessions for a Child
  4. Supports Staff childcare with fee taken from Wages
  5. Set Late Payment Surcharge for a Booking Period
  6. Accounts for Voucher Schemes
  7. Works for Multiple Settings

Key Features of Parent App

  1. Calulates Sundres
  2. Calculates and applies Late Booking Surcharge
  3. Calculates and applies the Funding
  4. Accounts and applies Voucher Schemes
  5. Late Payment Surcharge
  6. Works for multiple Settings

Key Features of Settings App

  1. Registers
  2. Daily Diaries (food/nappies)
  3. EYFS Journal
  4. Works offline
  5. Works for multiple settings

Key Features of Insight App

  1. Can connect your data to external data
  2. Can predict trends in your Settings
  3. Works for Multiple Settings